President Brian Davies Librarian Peter Binding
Chairman Ian Evans Webmaster Doug Hopkins
Vice Chairman Lyn Birch Facebook Phil Evans
Ex-Officio Chairman --- V.P. Secretary Doug Hopkins
Treasurer Mansel Young 100 Club Brendon Roberts
General Secretary Martin Carey Archivist Brendon Roberts
Concert Secretary Derek Williams Gift Aid Paul Wellington
Financial Secretary Phil Pritchard Audio sales Alun Wilmot
Publicity Officer --- Health & Safety Lyn Birch
Social Secretary Martin Jones Outfitting Phil Evans
Stage Managers Paul Reynolds & Registrar Graeme Jones 
Graeme Davies
Minute Secretary Doug Hopkins Welfare Officer Lyn Birch
Elected Member 1 Alwyn Nutland Ticket Sales Graeme Jones
Elected Member 2 Graeme Jones Auditors  
Elected Member 3 Alun Wilmot 1st Tenor Section Leader Phil Pritchard
Elected Member 4 John Walding 2nd Tenor Section Leader Dave Wilks
Elected Member 5 Jeff Williams 1st Bass Section Leader Haydn Noonan
Elected Member 6 Phil Pritchard 2nd Bass Section Leader Phil Evans
    Fund Raising Committee
    Chairman Lyn Birch
    Member 1 To be confirmed at the May Management Meeting.
    Member 2